Tina Elaine Harrison

Born 24 February 1956
Died 26 April 2018, Huddersfield

About Tina Elaine

Rest In Peace.

Latest condolences

GreetingAll my love xxx.
Mary   24/05/2018

GreetingLoved you then. Love you with all my heart.
Joanne Linda Martin  24/05/2018

GreetingYou gave me the name "Lizzy Lou Lou", and I still get called that today...See more
Lauren Joanne Martin  24/05/2018

GreetingYou always brightened my day xx.
Debbie Hemphill  24/05/2018

GreetingYou will be missed so much, little Tina xxx.
Tracie Hemphill  24/05/2018

GreetingThinking of you all. God bless Tina x.
Joan Douglas  24/05/2018

GreetingUncle David, you know where we are if you need anything xxx...See more
Aunty Liz, Uncle John  24/05/2018

GreetingSo sorry for your sad loss. You must always treasure the memories x...See more
Andrew and Julie  24/05/2018

GreetingAlways fond memories of our Sally Nook days and Youth Club nights, dancing and smoking...See more
June Moreland (Carter)  24/05/2018

T Douglas  24/05/2018

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