Victoria Amy McBrien

Born 19 October 1980
Died 19 April 2018, South Shields

About Victoria Amy

Rest In Peace.

Latest condolences

GreetingLovely service - a beautiful send-off for Amy x.
Natalie  25/05/2018

GreetingA lovely service for a lovely person xxx.
Michelle Clarke  25/05/2018

GreetingA beautiful service. You are a wonderful family. Love to you all xxx...See more
Nicola Beaumont  25/05/2018

GreetingNever forget you, babe xxx.
Dad  25/05/2018

GreetingGoodbye, dear Amy. You will be greatly missed. Rest in peace xxx...See more
Diane Carrahar  25/05/2018

GreetingLove xxx.
Richard  25/05/2018

GreetingSo sorry for your loss. Thinking of you. Love xxx...See more
Robbie  25/05/2018

GreetingWith love to you all, and sympathy and sorrow xxx..See more
Koral  25/05/2018

GreetingYou know where I am x.
Ange  25/05/2018

GreetingAmy, you are safe in God's hands now xxx.
Gina  25/05/2018

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Funeral information

Location of Funeral Service
Huddersfield Crematorium,Fixby Road,HD2 2JF,Huddersfield
Location of Cremation
Huddersfield Crematorium,Fixby Road,HD2 2JF,Huddersfield

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