Iris Jean Patterson

Born 4 August 1942
Died 25 August 2018, Huddersfield

About Iris Jean

Rest in peace.

Latest condolences

GreetingWith respect and memories of a strong woman and a strong family.
Red Mol (Victoria)  06/09/2018

GreetingMany happy memories of your mum. One in a million xx.
Helen Lockwood  06/09/2018

GreetingSoulmate. Thank you sweetheart.
Janet and John Holroyd  06/09/2018

GreetingGod bless. Rest in peace xxx.
Denise Briggs  06/09/2018

GreetingGod bless. Rest in peace xx.
Stuart Briggs  06/09/2018

GreetingA great woman, and a great friend. She will be greatly missed.
Tony Gilmore  06/09/2018

GreetingRest in peace, dear cousin.
Betty and Grahame Heap  06/09/2018

GreetingWill be missed.
John Percival  06/09/2018

GreetingVery sad.
Janet Percival  06/09/2018

GreetingLovely lady.
Christine Thomas (Lowery)  06/09/2018

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