Thomas Smith

Born 14 February 1933
Died 1 October 2018, Huddersfield

About Thomas

Rest in peace

Latest condolences

GreetingTom was a good neighbour, who will be missed.
Marlene and Malcolm Walker  16/10/2018

GreetingLook after yourselves.
Johnathan Hirst and Christine  16/10/2018

GreetingRest in peace, Tommy.
Mr and Mrs John Hampshire  16/10/2018

Bryan Jones  16/10/2018

GreetingSo sorry for your loss.
Audrey and Gerald Draper  16/10/2018

GreetingFriends from childhood.
Michael Ellis  16/10/2018

GreetingWell-loved friends for the past seventy years.
Eileen Ellis  16/10/2018

GreetingTom was one of the best.
David Armitage  16/10/2018

GreetingAlways a pleasure to work with Tom.
Ian Shaw  16/10/2018

Myra Woodruff  16/10/2018

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